Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do we meet?
A.  52 Pik-up Marathon Convenience store & tackle.

Q. What do we use for bait? 
A.  For walleye mostly night crawlers for crappie we use minnows and for stripe bass we use shad right from the lake or shiners from the bait shop.

Q. What will keep us off the water? 
A. Severe thunder & lightning storms.

Q. How many fish are we allowed? 
A.  Walleye 6 per person with a 14 inch minimum size limit. Striped bass 2 per person with no minimum size limit Crappie 25 per person with no minimum size limit.

Q. Can we bring are own tackle?
A.  Yes but call me to find out what type and size rods and reels.